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Gepflegtes Rollenspiel rund um den kriechenden Wahnsinn

Gefängnisdirektor John Black

Mr John Black, Warden of HM Duke Street Prison

John Black will not get up from his desk and only glances to the door. He is an unpleasantly obese man with a pronounced bald patch and greasy hair. A thin and uneven moustache sits above his fat wet lips. He introduces himself by saying:
‘I’m a busy man, gentlemen. Spare me the pleasantries and tell me what you want?’
Black is actively dismissive and unpleasant, and has no intention of helping the investigators; any insolence or disrespect results in him verbally attacking them for wasting his time.
If they retaliate, he will press a button onhis desk and two prison guards will arrive to remove themfrom the prison. They will not be granted another audience.

John Black, age 47,
Corrupt and Egotistical Prison Warden
STR 14 DEX 09 INT 11 CON 12
SIZ 14 APP 06 POW 08 EDU 11
SAN 50 Hit Points: 13
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Skills: Accounting 15%, Bargain 35%, Boxing 47%,
Handgun 28%, Law 55%, Listen 38%, Locksmith
22%, Psychology 40%, Rifle 37%, Spot Hidden 39%
Weapons: Fist / Punch 55%, damage 1D4 + db
Head Butt 35%, damage 1D4 + db

Appearance: Black is a repulsive, overweight man in his late forties. He is only ever seen in black trousers, held up with thick suspenders, and starched white shirts. A repetitious creature of habit, he is also exceedingly difficult and bullish, unpleasant to talk to and not shy of using vulgar and abusive language. The prison is his personal fiefdom, and he protects it like a dragon protecting its horde. Black is addicted to gambling and to visiting prostitutes; as a result, he is desperate for money, and doesn’t much care what he has to do to get it.