Auf Cthulhus Spur

Gepflegtes Rollenspiel rund um den kriechenden Wahnsinn

Become Spectral

Cost: 1 magic point per round of duration
1D4 Sanity points
Casting time: 1 round

Hides the caster from mundane observers by shifting his or her body into a parallel dimension, termed by sorcerers as “Limbo”. The caster and their personal possessions become invisible to all but spirit senses. Sight and hearing remain attuned to the material plane but with a distant, less distinct character, as if a cold mist surrounds them. The caster can move normally. The spell’s effect lasts for 1 round per magic point invested.

Becoming spectral carries an inherent danger: extra-dimensional creatures can sense the presence of a spectral body and engage in spirit or magical attack. Generally, failing a Luck roll, the spectral character may come to attention of a spirit who may elect to observe, pursue, or attack; such spirits typically have POW equal to (2D6+4 ×5)”. Of course, opportunities to present more powerful and cunning opponents are possible.

Alternative names: Hide Unseen, Cast Off Thy Flesh And Be As Spirit, Enter the Shadow Realm.