Auf Cthulhus Spur

Gepflegtes Rollenspiel rund um den kriechenden Wahnsinn

Bait Humans

• Cost: 1 magic point
• Casting time: 1 round

An illusion (visible only to the target) of a fabulously large and beautifully cut diamond floats in the air before the target’s eyes. As the target approaches the illusion, the object recedes at approximately the same speed, in the direction the caster wills, presumably to where a hungry chthonian waits. As in sport fishing, the target decides whether to take the bait. It is thought that only chthonians know this spell, as a variation exists called Bait Sand Dwellers, which exchanges the image of a floating diamond for that of a tender human haunch, dripping fresh blood. However, one or
two tomes suggest that some power-crazed sorcerers may have succeeded in transcribing this spell for their own use. The spell lasts for five minutes and can be repeated indefinitely (paying 1 magic point per use). Approximate range of the spell is one mile.

Deeper magic: it is hinted that an alternative version of the spell exists, known only to the most powerful and ancient of wizards. In this rare version, the target is enchanted to see his or her heart’s desire, be it gold, a lost love one, or something else. It is unlikely this version of the spell could be found written in any tomes, existing only within the insane minds of deathless sorcerers. If such a spell were to be found, there would certainly be a Sanity cost to pay.

Alternative names: Enthral Chamon, The Rite of Feeding, Allure of the Weak,
Jewel of Desire.